Zandvoort is well known for its beach. A 9 kilometre long, 100 metre wide sandy beach.

Space enough to enjoy yourself, to sail, windsurf or to play beach volleyball. And if you want to learn to scuba dive, you can even become PADI certified. Many of the beach bars have food and drink, and shelter if the sea wind gets too strong.
Five of the beach bars are open all year round. The former fishing village is full of great eateries and shops. Many of the shops are also open on Sundays. You could even do a little gambling in the casino.

Historic cities such as Haarlem and Amsterdam are close by and are easily accessible by public transport. Schiphol Airport is about 20 kilometres away.

Visitors to Zandvoort often enjoy cycling and walking in the dunes.
Zandvoort’s motor sports circuit and its many museums attract many visitors. Amsterdam’s completely renovated Rijksmuseum is a highlight for many and is easily accessible from Zandvoort.